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The beginnings and endings of all human undertakings are untidy.

John Galsworthy

Why jumpstart.design ?

Business is about change, sometimes its about lots of tiny steps and continuous improvement , sometimes its about disruptive change to the status quo.

The idea behind jumpstart is to help people and businesses jumpstart their ideas and businesses.

We are passionate of starting things, changing things and love helping people make it happen.

Starting and the Beginning (or changing direction) is very different from Business As Usual.

We love making ideas happen.  The most exciting thing is to take something from an idea to business as usual.

You need to be comfortable with uncertainty, the start phase is both “messy” and exhilarating.

Clarity is setting direction and the Goal Setting, Ideation, Research and Prototyping is both challenging and exciting.

Just like a battery jumpstarts a car, a business or entrepreneur needs a catalyst to sometimes kick start their idea or reboot their business.

You need a partner who believes in your vision and will be with you all the way

Often a new idea or change is needed to spur the business forward.

In the old days you had to prime and hand start a car

The model T was the point that changed the car industry.

So let us help you get the buzz