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Life doesnt have to be complicated

Our Values

Every business stands for something, or

To quote Les Brown    “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”

Every business is a reflection of the values of the people in the business, so we decided to set our standards for our behaviours and actions.

No one can give a guarantee and perception is subjective  but we do believe that this framework on how we want to work will make it easier for you to do business with us.

Today more than ever transparency, integrity, professionalism and competency matter.  We all understand the importance of commercially confidential information but it is important that for example we disclose any actual or perceived conflict of interest to our clients….. In many ways we are like company doctors and so just like a doctor patient relationship, we aim to set the code of conduct in good business.

We want our relationships to be warm, friendly, open, creative and fun.  Strong relationships allow frank discussions of problems and you can only deal with problems if discuss them. We want to be able to share problems and risks so that there are no surprises.

We value trust and loyalty with-in our teams, partners and customers.

Being part of a shared eco-system means we are all connected.

We believe that if you have high expectations, people will live up to them.  These expectations are mutual with our partners, clients and suppliers.

We think that life long learning, adaptability and innovation are the key to long term growth and success.

As part of these values we have set out the different ways we work and the way we bill/charge.

Our Revenue Model

1.  Retainer
These are typically 6-12 month assignments where we coach and assist clients in helping them formulate strategy, or provide executive coaching to the senior leadership team.  The duration and frequency can from weekly, forthnightly or monthly and can be between half a day and 1 day review sessions.  In addition we may run workshops ranging from 1-4 days to initiate a change programme or to formulate a company wide implementation and action plan.

2.  Projects
This is usual a complete piece of work and deliverable.  It may relate to a new activity or a change activity.  Projects can vary in duration from 2 weeks to several years.  Tem size can be small or large depending on the size and scale of the work required. Methodology may require formal project methodologies, or can work on a more flexible, open and agile development approach depending on the creativity, business challenge, degree of unknowns and risks involved.  We can work either in a lead role as the project manager or as part of a team.  Pricing can be fixed price, results based (ie % of revenue or cost saving) or on a day rate basis.

3.  Time and Materials
Where work stream and activities are clearly defined we can work on a time and materials basis where we charge for our time and expenses.

4.  Interim Management
Here we can act as a member of a clients team and work full or part time for durations ranging from 6 weeks to 1 year.

5.  Incubator
To develop new businesses/start ups we can work in a variety of roles ranging from business development, pilot, development, interim management.  So if you have the right idea and you and your team have what it takes, we are happy to work with you.


Life doesnt have to be complicated

Business Review

Do you think you would benefit from a Business Review ?

When you are very close to your business, sometimes it is difficult to see the wood from the trees.

Do you thing your business is performing the way you want it to ?

Is it performing to its full potential ?

Let us do a quick review of your business.

We can look at your markets and customer pipeline, your products & services, your processes, your teams and structures to give you a impartial and experienced third person view.

We will identify quick wins which could save you money or identify new revenue opportunities.

We can identify structural weaknesses which may potentially put your business it risk.  This could range from Marketing,  Technology, Systems & Processes, Security Staff, Financial, Client or Business Processes.

Our philosophy is Do the Right Thing, the Right Way.


Business Strategy

Have you a shared Business Strategy ?

Do you have plans for contingencies and events such as Brexit ?

Do you and your team take time to develop your Strategy facilitated by a Strategy Professional ?

Let us take you & your Leadership Team away to develop your strategy and your proactive response to potential scenarios such as Brexit or other changing trends in technology, consumer behaviour, market, industry, regulatory, new entrants or other changes.

Be Proactive and prepared and develop short and medium strategies due to change trends and industry evolution.

Work with your top team, and using industry trends, business and customer feedback identify new opportunities, latent needs and potential risks.

Use this as a change to build your leadership team, share a common vision and focus on executable and do-able strategies.


Innovation Workshops

Gain the competitive advantage.  Out innovate your competitors and outgrow your industry peers.

Let us help you develop Innovative New Products & Services and New Business Models.

Design your Business Design for the 21st Century. Redesign, Reengineer and Reinvent your business.

You define the degree of change and how radical you want to be nd we can help you reinvigorate your business.

For Start-ups looking to become upstarts in your target markets.

This can range from Business Design/Business Model Invention to improving current products and services to cost reduction techniques.

Design Thinking and Service Design Workshops

Do you think you can improve your Products & Services ?

Are you developing a product or service ? Let us work with you and your team to develop your ideas and take it to the next stage.

Do you want to evolve your products, develop a product roadmap ?

Would you like help in evolving your next product or service and give you an edge in the marketplace.

Can you change how your customer perceives how your product or service adds value to them.

Let us help you design your next innovative products and services.

Your product could be a physical product, service, app/online service.

Let us run a Design Thinking, Service Design or Design Sprint workshop or help you prototype a new product  and/or walk through the customer’s journey from initial contact, purchase/engagement to end of life

Requirements Capture

Requirements Capture and Goal Setting/Problem Definition is key to any project. Be it product design, and IT project or an app.

We can help you develop your product; by helping you scope, prototype, user testing and feedback.

By doing the most important phase of a project correctly (DO the Right thing), It will reduce costly delays, mistakes and unnecessary rework and frustration.

Project & Programme Management

Good Project Management is the heart of good execution.  Let us help you by either reviewing or managing your project or change programme.

We can help you put in the right tools, processes, plans and deliverables that allow your partners to collaborate, your team to work together and make things happen.

Every project is about bringing on meaningful change.  The method be it waterfall, Agile, Lean will depend on the kind of project and the amount of control/latitude appropriate to the project.

IT Development and Implementation

IT Development & Implementation – Design & Build

We help businesses identify, design, develop and implement IT solutions.

We help you develop a realistic road map for your systems and technology and manage its implementation and handover to you.

This can range from implementing packages to bespoke IT development.  Our aim is to develop solutions that are give you business advantage, quick and cost effective, secure, scalable and are to easy to implement/use, and maintain/evolve.

Talk to us and let us help you bullet proof your technology platform

Change Management

At the heart of everything we do is the art of change management.  We take a holistic view of your business.  Change may be initiated by technology or in response to a change business environment but these changes also bring about a change to people’s roles, responsibilities and skills.

As Buddha says, to learn is to change

Talks and Events

If you are running a Conference, Event or Company Workshop and would like an interactive event that will charge your team, buzz your audience, talk to us

Life doesnt have to be complicated