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Living with #covid19 …

What is the difference between an acute & chronic problem?
When do we accept something, accommodate & start living with it.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
& wisdom to know the difference”

Around the world, politicians are reacting to the public desire for “normality”

Countries are beginning to remove restrictions & are putting in circuit breakers should there be a resurgence of #coronaravirus as a vaccine will take time. (It a “wicked” design problem?)

It is often the case with problems that if or when we think we can’t solve a problem we learn to live with it.

When the problem is acute and the pain is felt we seek to solve it and it becomes a priority & the unthinkable may even be palatable. (War, diseases)

How many times have we seen this with things like Aids, etc

If we feel we can’t solve it, then there is a shift from solution to acceptance and living with the chronic problem. We see this with many illnesses.
We take measures to minimise the impact and put in processes, tools and behaviours which mean it becomes the new “norm”.
We adjust our expectations, norms and behaviours to coping.

Your thoughts?

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