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What can you learn from Apple to grow your business ?

Assuming no further bumps in the world economy or a major downturn in demand, it could be a super year for Apple once we get past the Covid pandemic.

Anyone like an entrepreneur, marketer, product manager, strategist will find this of interest in terms of #innovation, #marketing, #productmanagement #product roadmap and #portfolio management.

Apple have tremendous brand loyalty and the largest element of their business is existing clients replacing their iPhones.

Market analysts estimate that in 2020/21 will have a potential market of 215m people looking to upgrade or replace their iPhone as #5gtechnology combined with 4K #video will create a super cycle and drive people to need more memory, more powerful phones and so upgrade.

Apple has not only build a choice of iPhones to suit your price points but also category leaders in complementary products such as #EarPods and #iwatch.

This diagram shows how you can apply to your own portfolio of services and products or who can you partner with to increase the value of your offer ?

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