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What do you think is the most dangerous thing in the world ?

#Complacency is an institutional disease in large organisations. While many individuals and even leaders may be aware, the default choice and momentum is in doing nothing or wait and see until it is too late.

Often those with a concern are too low in the food chain or influence circle.

Usually to get ahead in large institutions you need to toe the company line

Ministers and CEOs are #cocooned and either ignore or are placated by the institutional bureaucracy & no one is called to account so the cycle repeats when the next crisis happens.

This has been the case with #coronavirusus, the financial crisis and you can see this in so many large companies too.

If this was a plane crash, no stone is left unturned to find the systemic cause and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

What lessons can be learnt ?

What review process needs to happen so that the appropriate alarms bells go off in time before a crisis of global proportion happens ?

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