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Have you every come across the trolley problem about AI morality ?

These and many other things people in AI are wrestling with but today we have this case writ large in terms of the moral and economic decisions related to #Coronavirus #contagion problem


As we are moving forward into the #covid #pandemic we are seeing different approaches being taken by each countries.

All countries have taken different approaches toward #lockdowns, in deciding when to do it and now questions are being asked about if, when and to what degree these measures are replaced.

Different countries and their political leaders have taken different levels of support to mitigate the near term economic consequences of those measure taking on a significant economic commitment to address the economic and health consequences.

This raises the sharp issue of moral and political decision making.

Should we try to prevent further deaths no matter what the cost to people, job losses, gov debt, economic depression, personal freedoms etc?

At which point will the pressure to end lockdown & get back to “normal” whatever that #newnormal is.

What are your thoughts ?
The decisions we make today could very well have a bearing on AI


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