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Evolution vs revolution, understanding product roadmaps

Is it better to redesign something new or repurpose and evolve an existing product ?

The story about product design is as true for airlines and it is for utilities, train operators, computers, phone networks, spaceships, cars, buildings etc.

Have a read and watch the video and share your thoughts about your business.

When your business changes, do you rebuild your product and the factory used to build the product or perform the service or do you repurpose your existing platform. (In most cases companies repurpose what they have and it is only the new comer who is prepared to disrupt the status quo.

banks at the moment have complicated legacy systems…

As those you follow my posts may know I talk a lot about the Boeing 737.

The original 737 airframe came into existence over 50 years ago and been redesigned 3 times.

Changing airline patterns for single aisle planes where originally the planes where not in the air that long and fuel efficiency didn’t matter for these short hop flights to airlines using them for longer flights flights where fuel efficiency matters more meant that the 737 max had to be re-engined.

Pilot training is also an issue as pilots are rated by plane type not model

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