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When it comes to solving a problem and designing a solution, there is often one key factor or constraint that subsequently determines everything else.

This critical factor or constraint is the first and most important thing that has to be solved or the problem needs to be redefined. Usually it’s either because the resource is expensive or a constraint and so everything is designed around that factor.

Often each paradigm sets the mindset. When computing resources were scare, one workaround became the Y2K problem. (Storage and memory was expensive so people on stored year as a two digit number and then we had the year 2000 appear).

For telecom companies the constrain that everyone design around was bandwidth.

For electric cars this is the method of power storage. Our current expectations have been set by petrol.

So any requirements in terms of cost, energy density, recharge time, range etc are determined by the battery in the case of

Let’s think about that constraint or factor in your business,

What resource, constraint or critical factor is the key factor or control point in your industry or business ?

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