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Implementing a radical innovation, even if invented in-house in a large company is challenging.

Xerox invented the GUI interface and mouse and never brought it to market, Kodak invented the digital camera, the rest is history….

Most companies priority is to defend what the already have, the outsider/newcomer has no vested interest in the past and so wants to disrupt as their entry strategy.

It is amazing the amount of creative energy is put to defend what they already have.

This is the “truth’ about radical change/innovation in established organisations. The focus is on evolution and incremental innovation. Building on the strengths of what you already have.

You want everything to stay the same but you want it to be cheaper, better, faster.

It’s not anyone’s fault, and steering a course of change is difficult.

There is established momentum (and security) in the status quo.

Employees, shareholders etc did not sign on for change and unless the CEO is either brave or stupid it is politically risky to vote for change.

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