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There is one mantra I love, the only way to predict the future is to make it…

Is AI hyped, there are plenty of reports about how big AI will be and how everyone is working on AI.

Yes the technology has come a long way in the last 35 years when I first got involved with it and learnt to program in LISP and Prolog. I remember working in the labs of a telco on an internship and being wowed by intelligent routing and design…

Today, We have machine vision, we have speech recognition, we have machine learning and lots more but do we have large scale deployment or computers like HAL in 2001 a space oddessey.

Many of you may remember that McKinsey wrote a report in 1980forecasting worldwide demand for cell phones in 2000 would be 900,000 (the actual number was 105 million) and on that basis AT&T who invented the cellphone decided not to proceed.

Many of those working on pilots or in innovation labs might relate to this article


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