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How do you take your idea forward ?

Sometimes you just have to ask ?

The hardest thing sometimes is to be humble enough and ask for help.

Steve Jobs video below gives a lovely example of how he approached HP when he was 12 years old

I have often found that one just needs to take the first step and the rest follows.

for example

I wrote to Jeff Bezos.  I was frustrated at using  Kindle as I read a lot but I would prefer to make my notes by writing so I wrote to Jeff Bezos.

I use kindle to read but I either use my ipad/ pencil or index cards (or just read) to make notes and its frustrating.

when I use my pc I use a multi screen.  just like when we use paper and write to make notes…..

Usually in any task there are several steps, if one is reading or researching one is also making notes.

At events I use my Samsung or audionote to write notes or paper.

In the tangible world one would either write in the book or in a book/index cards (as an academic would).

Writing is more tangible

Here was his reply

I appreciate your email very much. As an avid Kindle user myself, I consider that your request for the Kindle to be pen friendly is indeed a very good idea. We’ll consider your feedback as we plan further improvements. Customer feedback like yours is always important to us. I’ll be sure to pass your message along to the appropriate department as we continue to improve the Kindle experience for our customers.

Sometimes one has to have the courage and the humility to do the big ask.

you have to act

If you are afraid of failing you will never start.

If you are on the beach do you read a real book or read it on the iPAD or tablet.

Technology needs to work in the real world that we live in.

Bridging the gap between the virtual and the tangible world will make Kindle so much better.

Sometimes users move to the virtual world and find that the experience does not work.

Technologists need to understand that users mental models are often based on the  real and tangible world and their mental model is based on the way we already do things (pen, paper, speech) and so need something tangible.

If it works the way we really live is so much better.

Unless technology lives to the promise, some us will revert back to the used and trusted model. (we are already seeing tangible book sales have once again exceed e-book sales).

I am excited and look forward to a pen friendly Kindle. sooner rather than later please.

Amazon/Mr Bezos Please make it happen sooner rather than later

I look forward to Amazon updating Kindle,  to making kindle real world friendly and even better.

As a postscript, It will be interesting how Amazon do take the Pen version of the Kindle app/hardware forward.

The evolution of Pen computing is a story in itself

Did Apple get it wrong ? – ReInvent me | ReInvent me

Did Apple get it wrong? Now I am a big fan of apple products, especially the iPhone and tablet. I also have used and followed the evolution of pen technologies since in 1990’s.  Be it the crosspad, the Anoto. livescribe etc. I also think there are a range of wonderful pen apps like audionote which are so useful in meetings, workshops etc and reduce the effort of taking and sharing notes and are a great aid to productivity and creativity. Pens and Pencils are so much more natural than keyboards in the right place so it is natural that you would want your device to be pen enabled. Microsoft have failed miserably with the OneNote app in what in theory should be a wonderful everyday app to make life simpler. Apple held back from bringing the pen to the tablet given its early failure with the Newton. In fact many other vendors launched excellent pens and apps be it to write, draw or graphics editing. However when Apple made the Pencil for the ipad pro I feel the missed an important

Source: reeinvent.me/2016/08/04/apple-get-wrong-whats-wrong-with-the-apple-pencil/

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