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What is design ?

Design isn’t just about looks. Of course it has to look and fit with the identify of the user.

When I was young and selling Indian Furniture at an exhibition for my parent’s business I remember a moment that captures the issue of look and identity.

We had a look of people admiring the tables but none was buying.  My father cut the price but still nobody bought them so I asked a couple what was wrong.

They said it as the tables were beautiful but they could not imagine it in their house.

Steve Jobs explains in this video about how its all about how it works and about how good is the enemy of excellence.

It’s about how it works.

Motorola came out with a beautiful looking slim phone the Razr but it was awful to use.  It’s menu structure was non intuitive to the everyday user.

Sometimes products get to complicated and you have to go back to basics and simplyfy

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