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Have you every gone to a new country and noticed how they use cutlery.  Eg chopsticks in the Far East.  Did you copy or mimic the behaviour.

Initation is an important part of behaviour change.  People need to observe and copy the preferred or “normal” behaviour.

When I went to America first, some garages used self service pumps and prepay, which was not normal at the time in the UK or Ireland,  At first I was frustrated but I saw what other people did and imitated them.

There is a funny story about how Italians using English pubs would wait at the table waiting for someone to come and serve them as was normal in Italy.

When supermarkets were first opened, people refused to use the trolley.

If  you use a trolley, you are more likely to shop longer and buy more but initially people refused to use them.

Men did not want to use it as it was not macho and women felt awkward.

To socialise the idea, they had to set a new norm so the supermarket hired actors to start using it.

Here is a good example of changing behaviour through
Social conformity
And how new members are “trained” into a behaviour.

We normalise our behaviour based on what we observe, no matter how unusual it may seem

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